Tai Chi represents a comprehensive system for improving health, promoting and maintaining wellbeing and as an extremely powerful martial art.
In combination with Qi Gong (Chi Kung) exercises, it helps to balance the structure and functions of the body by aiding circulation, relieving stress, improving breathing, correcting posture and increasing strength. Through coordinated movements you will improve your balance, gain flexibility and improve the alignment of your body. Meditation techniques provide effective ways of managing stress and promoting calmness and a relaxed life style.
Tai Chi differs from many other western methods of exercise and therapy in the sense that you can practice it for the rest of your life and hence benefit from long term changes in your health leading to a healthier and confident lifestyle. Consequently, the benefits increase if you treat Tai Chi as part of your everyday life routine.
With martial arts training the student increases their physical and internal energy, level of fitness, flexibility, core and dynamic strength as well as general confidence.