Masters of Tai Chi Chuan

Master Richard Watson
Dick has been involved in martial arts for over 60 years. He is generally regarded as the father of Tai Chi Chuan in the UK. He trained extensively with Master Chu King Hung - in fact for over 19 years. In 1989 he met Professor Li and with his support, Dick establaihed the Longfei Taijiquan Association of Great Britain. As its chairperson Dick has has played a key role in bringing the highest quality Tai Chi Chuan to students from all over the UK. Over the years Dick has trained many competition winners including his son Simon Watson. During the 1980's Dick trained with Master Dong Zenchen and learned the Dong family's Yang Style routine, the Fast Form and Push Hands drills.Dick has also worked closely with Professor Zhang Guande and has been instrumental in teaching Daoyin Qigong exercises in the UK. In recognition of Dick's contribution to Tai Chi Chuan, he was appointed an Honorary President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain in 2009. I was fortunate to meet Dick in the early 1990's and have been training with him since then. I can truely say that it has been a great priviledge to have trained with such a great man. This is only a glimpse into Dick's career - more information can be found here.
 Master Simon Watson
Simon started training with his father, Richard Watson in 1975. In addition to training with his father Simon has secured his position as a senior student of some of most highly regarded martial arts masters including Professor Li Deyin (China), Kim Han (British Team Coach), Wang Yanji and Chu King Hung. He is the senior Instructor and technical director for Longfei (GB). His career has also taken him to the highest levels of competion and he has achieved tremendous success at national and international levels. His significant contribution to promoting Tai Chi Chuan in the UK led to his appointment as an Honorary Vice President of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain in 2009. IN addition to Tai Chi, he has equal mastery of Daoyin Qigong, Xing Yi and Bagua arts. His talents and skills go beyond martial arts as he is a highly proficient classical guitarist. I met Simon and his father when I started learning Tai Chi in the early 1990's and consider myself fortunate to have them both as my sifus (teachers). More information on Simon's career can be found here.

Grandmaster Li Yu Lin
Li Tian Ji, grandfather of Professor Li De Yin, was one of China's foremost Tai Chi masters. He started learning Shaolin Quan from his father and was then accepted into the Shadong martial arts academy where he studied Taiji, Xing Yi, Bagua San Da and Wudang Sword. During his training he was also guided by Grand master Li Jing Lin and Sun Lu Tang. Grandmaster Li Yu Lin was a professional martial artist and a contemporary of Grandmaster Yang Cheng Fu. He was instrumental in spreading the art in the early part of the 20th century and also exhanged ideas and techniques with Yang Cheng Fu.

Grandmaster Li Tianji (1913-1996)
Grandmaster Li Tianji studied wushu from his father, Li Yu Lin, as well as from his father’s masters, Sun Lu Tang and Li Jing Lin. He graduated from the Shandong Wushu Institute, became a college professor, the executive of the Harbin Wushu Federation, and the first chief coach of the China Wushu Team. Li Tianji has been recognised as one of the “Ten Best Wushu Masters of China (Zhongguo Shi Da Wushu Mingshi).” In 1956 Li Tianji created the first standardised simplified taijiquan in Chinese history: 24-Form Simplified Taijiquan and 32-Form Simplified Taiji Sword. Both forms opened the door of taiji to tghe general public, and both forms are popular all over the world. For this, he earned the title “Father of Contemporary Taijiquan.”

Professor Li De Yin
After beginning his martial arts training when he was four years old, Professor Li learnt Shaolin, Xing Yi, Bagua and Taiji from his grandfather Li Yu Lin. He later joined the University in Beijing and carried on his martial arts training with his uncle Li Tian Ji as well as having guidance from one of the students of the famous Chen Style master Chen Fa Ke. He has been designated as one of the one hundred martial arts treasures of China and creator of several popular Tai Chi forms such as the 48 Step Combine Taijiquan, 42 step Taijiquan competition routine, 38 Step Sun Style Short form and Taiji Kung Fu Fan. Professor Li is the father of Faye Yip.

Master Wang Yanji

Many students have been lucky enough to attend Master Wang's regular seminars orgnaised by Longfei Association of Taijiquan in Great Britain. Master Wang was a senior student of Grandmaster Li Tianji. His open, thorough and generous attitude to teaching has led to a strong following of students in the UK. His skills in all three chinese internal arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Xing Yi and Bagua as well as their applications and pushing hands are extraordinary.

Master Faye Yip
Faye with her husband Tary Yip founded the Deyin Taijiquan Institute in 1994. Faye is the daughter of Professor Li De Yin and works to promote Tai Chi, Qi Gong and internal martial arts. In addition to holding regular classes in West Midlands, she has given numerous workshops at major national and international events. She is a member of the Executive Committee of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain

Master Tary Yip
Tary Yip is a co-founder of the Deyin Taijiquan Institute along with his wife, Faye.  He has been a senior student of Professor Li and teaches Tai Chi, Qi Gong as well as Xing Yi. Tary and Faye both hold regular classes in West Midlands and have led many workshops thoughout the UK and abroad.