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Yang Style Forms

The files below list the movements of some of the Yang style forms. The files give the English and the Chinese names of each of the movements in the correct sequence. I hope they help you in your practice. Do your best to remember the names of each movement and the sequence for each form that you are practicing. To help you learn the names say them as you do the movements. Obviously, once you know the names you don't need to say the names. The names will also help you to know where you are in the form which in turn will help you to relax, stay calm and be in control. Good Luck!

8 Shi Yang Style Form (Standardised)

English names
Chinese names
 yu bei shi
 1 Commence qi shi
 2 Part the wild horse's mane on both sides zou you ya ma feng zong
 3 White crane spreads its wings bai he liang chi
 4 Brush knee and twist step on both sides you zou lou xi ao bu
 5 Single whip dan bien
 6 Wave hands like clouds yun shou
 7 Grasping the sparrows tail to the right you lan que wei
 8 Cross hands and finish shi zi shou, shou shi

Ranjeet Sokhi,
9 May 2012, 12:44
Ranjeet Sokhi,
9 May 2012, 12:45