Training syllabus

Initially, training follows mainly the Yang Style of Tai Chi Chuan. Tai Chi is suitable for everyone, whatever the age or fitness level. The training covers internal and external methods as well as meditation and relaxation techniques. Tai Chi Chuan includes both health improvement and martial arts aspects. In general Level I focus on basic techniques and health improvement exercises whilst Level II includes martial arts applications. Some learners do not wish to explore the martial aspects and want to concentrate solely on health aspect and they may also progress to advanced levels.  The main elements of a typical syllabus include:


Level I will be aimed at students who are new to Tai Chi and wish to focus mainly on health aspects. The syllabus will include:

·         Warm us exercises

·         First Daoyin Qi Gong set

·         Eight Treasures exercises

·         Basic posture and breathing

·         Standing pole exercises (Zhang Zhuang)

·         Yang style forms – 8, 16 and 24

·         Meditation


Level II will be aimed at students who are reasonably proficient in elements of the Level I syllabus and have attained a basic level of fitness. At the second level students will continue practicing the Level I syllabus as well as progress to:

·         Further exploration of the Level I forms and their applications

·         Weapons forms such as the 32 Sword Yang Style

·         Pushing hand techniques

·         Silk reeling exercises

·         Further Qi Gong exercises

·         40 Step Yang form

·         Standardised and Traditional Yang Style Long forms


For the more serious learners, training progresses into higher levels including the long form and its applications and other advanced elements.